International services

The world is now undoubtedly a much smaller place & many businesses are not just importing & exporting but establishing overseas branches or joint ventures with overseas companies. If you are a UK business looking at outward investment or a non UK business looking to establish itself in the UK our International Services team can help you.

A good management information system is essential. You will be relying on others for the day to day management of the venture and we can set up reporting and control procedures that will give you regular financial information and strong financial controls.

Taxation will always be an issue & we can advise you on the tax aspects of cross border transactions, VAT planning, transfer pricing, and how to structure your venture to minimise tax liabilities or in some cases remove them altogether.

Over the years we have established our own network of professional advisers that we work closely with in the EC, Eastern Europe & Russia, The Middle East, the USA and Asia, so if you are a UK business looking to establish a base in any of these areas or if you are established in any of these areas & are looking to invest in the UK, then contact us now.