CGT planning

You’ve probably heard people say that Capital Gains Tax is the voluntary tax and while this is not quite true, it is usually possible to mitigate the cost of it very substantially and often to eliminate it altogether.

There are plenty of legitimate reliefs and allowances that you can make use of which will give significant reductions in the tax liability. The art is to be able to be able to structure the ownership and nature of the asset to make maximum use of them. Sometimes a small change can give you a big saving.

As with most things planning is the key and so you need to talk to us well before you do anything. You may not be considering selling the asset now but some strategies need to be put in place at least a year before you sell & sometimes up to two years.

Whether the gain is going to be on the sale of your business, on investment properties or personal investments we can provide you with an innovative plan that will save you tax and fit in with your personal and family situation.  

Talk to us about this now. You don’t want to miss the boat and end up with a tax bill that you could easily have reduced.