Investment and financial services

Are your personal finances as well organised as they could and should be. Probably not. So its time to do something about it – now.

It’s not just about retirement planning, savings & investments, life cover and business protection. At Platt Rushton our approach to client service is to look at the whole picture. Our advice takes into account not just your current financial position but your tax position, your family & business situation and your longer term hopes and plans.
We look at all of your options and only then put all of the pieces together into an overall plan 

We believe that advice must be truly independent and not be tied to or influenced by associations with life offices or investment managers and so we provide this advice to you through Platt Rushton Financial Management Limited.

Platt Rushton Financial Management is separately authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. We work closely with it to provide creative solutions and advice to maximise your financial position.