Selling your business

We advise many people who have built up a successful business and who have invested not just money, but part of themselves into it. At some time a decision must be made about the future of the business – whether to pass it on to family or to sell.

If it’s a sale the key issue is how to extract maximum value, you only get one chance so it’s got to be right. Pre planning is essential. The business needs to be groomed for sale; preparation & the right presentation is the key to maximising the sale price. We will advise you how to achieve this but it has to be done long before any possible sale so you should be speaking to us now.

Successful tax planning will enable you to keep as much of the sale value as possible. Tax liabilities can be significantly reduced, but only if the structure of the business and the sale itself are well thought through. We will plan both of these aspects for you, though again this must be done long before the business is sold

The sale value you achieve will be determined in part by who the potential buyers are. Our specialist business valuation team will help you to identify possible buyers & use the latest valuation techniques to give you an indication of the value of your business.

The final step is negotiating the deal. We work closely with specialist lawyers to bring the whole process together.