Trusts and IHT planning

Trusts can be extremely effective not only in minimising tax liabilities but also in protecting the family’s wealth & providing a flexible way to pass it down through the generations. This is a complex area and it is essential that it is well planned & thought through and set up with the benefit of expert advice.

This is where we can help you, but we won’t provide you with a one size fits all solution. The terms of the Trust need to reflect your family’s personal financial situation & requirements and also be capable of adapting to the inevitable changes in them as time goes by.

The tax situation is always important. There are different types of Trust & each has significantly different tax consequences so the right choice is essential.

Who the settlors and beneficiaries are, the assets the Trust holds & the income it has will all affect the tax situation & it is necessary to consider not just Inheritance Tax but Capital Gains Tax & Income Tax as well. We will guide you through the tax maze & make sure that you end up with a Trust that is both financially and tax effective. 

Talk to us about this now. We have a very flexible approach & can work closely with your existing lawyers & professional advisers.