Professional practices

Limited or unlimited liability, partner mobility, mergers, fee pressures, evolving IT systems & working practices, increasing competition and changing legislation are all features of professional life.

There is no doubt that Professional Practices face different challenges to many other businesses & as a successful professional practice ourselves that has faced & dealt with these challenges we are ideally placed to advise others.

We know what it takes to start a practice & make it grow. We understand & can help with the difficult decisions that come with change; when & how to finance working capital & expansion, strategies for tax, the advantages & disadvantages of converting to an LLP and the important task of managing growth in good times and maintaining stability in bad.

Our Professional Practices team is  a multi-disciplinary group with extensive experience of financial management, partnership tax, information technology & systems, accounting & compliance. Why not contact us now for a free initial consultation. You never know – you might just learn something to your benefit.