Property investment

A good understanding of how property is financed, taxed and passed down to the next generation is essential to advise on Property Investment. Our Property Investment team has been successfully advising UK & overseas property investors for many years.

We can help you raise finance for the purchase of property or release equity in existing property holdings. We understand the importance of yield and cash flows in the short term & can help you put together cash flow feasibility reports for lenders.

The type of vehicle to hold the property is a key part of the investment decision & each has pros & cons.

 A limited company will give you a defined structure with the possibility of retaining control over the property while fragmenting effective ownership. This may potentially lower rates of tax in the short term but create a possible double tax charge on the sale of property & payment to shareholders.

An LLP will give you a more flexible structure, potentially higher short term tax rates but possibly a lower tax charge on an exit.

You may choose to hold some properties through a family trust, particularly if income streams are modest but there is potential for long term growth creating an exposure to Inheritance Tax.

Although property ownership through a pension scheme can restrict access in the long term it does give excellent tax free income & gains.

The optimum situation for you may well be a combination of some or all of these & we can help you structure your property investments to achieve the best possible outcome.