Shares and business valuations

The valuation of a business is often described as an art rather than a science & while there are certain rules, they are not precise & need considerable experience to apply. We have extensive experience in all valuation methods, whether for tax or commercial reasons.

Many factors affect the value & there is no right answer, only a range of possibilities. Issues that may influence the valuation are the business activity or nature of the asset, the current economic climate, location, management structure, goodwill, tax considerations and even the purpose of the valuation itself.

Valuations are needed in a number of circumstances including:

  • Tax valuations for gifts, transactions between closely connected people & businesses, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax planning
  • Valuations for litigation support, such as negligence & insurance claims, commercial disputes and divorce.
  • Commercial valuations of intellectual property, intangible assets, trade marks and brand names
  • Business sale valuations.

We recognise that providing a valuation is usually only part of a client’s needs so our valuation service will inevitably be linked with some of our other services such as forensic accounting, corporate finance or tax.