Trust & Probate Support Services

Whether you are a Trustee, an Executor or a Lawyer involved in either of these fields then our Trust & Probate Support Team may be what you are looking for.

We can help you to interpret the tax & financial implications of a Trust Deed or Will, particularly in complex situations or where businesses, larger estates or trust funds are involved. You may also want advice or a second opinion on the drafting of specific parts of a Trust or a Will.

Trust & Estate taxation is becoming ever more complex & so whether it’s the preparation of annual Trust or Estate Tax returns, advising on an IHT liability on an estate or advising on the tax implications of different types of Trust we will have the answer.

Many estates will take some time to be wound up, especially where there are business interests or valuation issues to deal with and so the preparation of estate accounts is an unwelcome additional burden. We can relieve you of the work by preparing annual estate accounts for you & distributing them to beneficiaries with suitable explanations & comment.

Acting as a Trustee or Executor can be onerous & so if you prefer, we can act in this capacity for you.