International tax planning

More businesses than ever are now looking to expand their operations into other countries and with the global market place becoming ever smaller, governments everywhere have to ensure their tax systems are competitive with other countries. This situation provides ever increasing opportunities for businesses with operations outside their home country to manage their tax liabilities, just as they do with any other business cost.

Understanding how you can manage your tax liabilities on cross border transactions & overseas operations is essential to effective planning.

Our International Tax team will guide you through the options. The structure of the business, the location of its centre of operations, transfer pricing policy and the overseas operation’s relationship with the rest of the business will all impact on the overall tax liability.

The nature of the income and profits will also impact on the tax position. Passive income such as royalties, interest & rents are often more aggressively taxed than trading income so we will also advise you on how to structure transactions so that you benefit from the most tax friendly treatment and also from any tax reliefs and planning opportunities under double taxation treaties.

Compliance with local tax legislation is essential and over the years we have established our own network of advisers that we work closely with in the EC, Eastern Europe & Russia, The Middle East, the USA and Asia to achieve this.