Personal tax planning

How can you benefit from our personal tax planning service & what can we do for you? We could write a book on this & many people have, but in a nutshell we can show you how to reduce your personal tax liabilities by:

  • Advising you on the best business structure for you, be it Limited Company, LLP or sole trader, or possibly a combination of these 
  • Considering whether you should be employed or self employed & showing you how to achieve it
  • Advising you how to run a car on your business – without having to pay considerable amounts of tax & national insurance
  • Using tax efficient savings & investments
  • Spreading income across the family unit.
  • Minimising the cost of National Insurance, which for some people is a more significant cost than tax
  • Effective planning for Capital Allowances on the acquisition of a business
  • Mitigating possible capital gains tax on the sale of a business or a second home.
  • Mitigating Inheritance Tax on personal assets by effective will drafting, the use of Trusts, correctly structured borrowing and the use of gifts

This is only a small selection of tax saving strategies we can tell you about. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you.