Planning for specific transactions

From time to time a significant financial transaction or event may arise in your personal or business life.

It may be:

  • the purchase or sale of a business or a business asset
  • the purchase or sale of  a personal asset
  • the restructuring of a business or its ownership
  • the significant gift of a business or personal asset

These are only a few examples, but whatever it is there will be tax consequences & so opportunities to mitigate the tax liability. The transaction will involve multiple taxes & all need to be considered & more importantly your adviser will need a thorough understanding of how each tax interacts with another.  Advance planning is essential if we are to match your tax strategy with your commercial, financial & personal objectives.

Our Transaction Tax service will:

  • identify the tax issues & risks & advise on how to minimise them
  • advise on alternative tax strategies
  • advise you on the financial & commercial implications
  • carry out the necessary due diligence and
  • guide you through the transaction from start to finish

If you are thinking about undertaking a major financial transaction then speak to us now.