Specialist property tax advice

Tax plays a significant part in any business or investment decision and good tax advice is particularly important for property owners. Our specialist Property Taxation team can advise you on the key aspects including:

  • Tax efficient ownership structures (see Property Investment)
  • Techniques for minimising Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • VAT recovery and the efficient use of Option to Tax
  • Maximising Capital Allowances claims
  • The tax advantages of holding the property as a trading asset.
  • The effective use of tax losses
  • Tax free ownership of property through a pension scheme

Extensive tax saving opportunities exist for non residents investing in UK property. Correct structuring of the transaction & ownership of the property can give complete exemption from UK Capital Gains Tax & Inheritance Tax as well as a reduction in tax on rental income by the use of correctly structured borrowings. There can also be significant Stamp Duty Land Tax savings on an eventual sale of the property potentially enhancing its sale value.

If you have an existing property portfolio or are considering property investment speak to us now for a free preliminary evaluation of the tax savings you could make.